Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Selenium 2 + WebDriver. Test drive and first impression

Several months ago I started implementation of automation framework intended for certain social network automated testing. The first time I set the requirement so the framework should be run against Win OS to save the time on setting up the automation context. However I faced the problem with starting selenium server over min Win7 machine so I had to explore the new ways of "click-engine" application. That way became Selenium 2 powered by WebDriver.

The obvious advantages are:
  • Local usage, so less configuration effort required and risks are estimated (may also be considered as disadvantage)
  • Automatic recognition of element type
  • Backward compatibility with Selenium
  • Yet not perfect functionality. Even using selenium emulation.
  • Buggy integration with the latest Microsoft products
  • API differs from the classic selenium one so it is pretty much hard to port the Selenium 2 tests to Selenium
Yeah.. So actually I had to move the framework to Linux platform after all as WebDriver stuck on sending long strings to the textboxes. However Linux framework had no such issues at all and it still works fine there.

Thank you!

UPD here

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