Thursday, May 05, 2011

QA team in scrum methodology

The more I'm involved in SCRUM development process the stronger I'm sure QA team has to be formed as some kind of service department. Some kind of team reporting to other ones. The same process (like cards, planning poker, etc.) but the only difference will be the consumer of "QA product". The product of the QA team will be consumed by the teams performing actual development.
The back-log will be filled with the stories like "I want to have the testplan for the functionality". That will make the product owners create detailed requirements earlier than usual. Once the iteration "n" will be ready and the test plan will be prepared, the team will be able to handle the story "I want the functionality is verified according to prepared test plan" in iteration "n+1".
Such approach will help to accumulate and consolidate QA resources within one administrative unit and use the collaborated knowledge of the overall resource.

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