Thursday, August 11, 2011

About the technologies and the methodologies

Technologies deprave. When there were no technologies (like ones we know now) every process tended to be optimized. They optimized everything and everywhere. The efficiency of time consumption was one of the domains everyone paid the most of attention to (even the amateur). The last decade passed under the slogan "everything that could be invented had been invented".
So, I wonder where are new conceptions? Where are new paradigms? Every piece of efficiency increasing that takes place nowadays takes place at the expense of the technical progress but not of the progress of the theories, methodologies or approaches. The more powerful computers became available so the need of optimization of calculation procedures disappeared. The Internet become available so the need of optimization of advertising campaigns disappeared as well as the optimization of the consumer properties. Oil became available so the need of optimization of investments disappeared..
That's pretty much a pity... However that's seems to be the specific of the present.

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