Sunday, March 04, 2012

When doesn't work in Selenium2 WebDriver

Sometimes I face the problems when regular WebElement click() method does not work. For example I met such the problem when tried to locate the link under H2 like the following snippet:

 <a href="something" title="something">Some text</a>

The regular method of locating like driver.findElement(By.xpath("somexpath")).click() led to the exception saying some other element will get the click instead of one located by me. So I applied the following work-around:

 public void safeClick(WebElement element){
  Actions builder = new Actions(getDriver());
where getDriver() just means your current WebDriver implementation. This made me capable to work-around the problem from one hand and even made click action closer to the actual action sequence performed by the user clicking anything on the page. 

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