Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Selenium v.2.22 Released

Yesterday the new version of  Selenium (v.2.22) was released. Looking forward to test drive it :)

Here are the changes


  * Code grant from Google acknowledged in our copyright
    headers. Thanks, Google!

  * JRE dependency upped to Java 6.
  * IE driver now uses the IEDriverServer. You may need to download
    this. Set the "useLegacyInternalServer" to boolean true if you
    need the old behaviour.
  * Standardized colour values returned from getCssValue are
    normalized to RGBA.
  * IE can use synthesized events if the capability
    "enableNativeEvents" is set to false. This is experimental and not
    expected to work properly.
  * Native events added for Firefox 12. 
  * Native events retained for Firefox 10, 11, and 3.x
  * Selenium-backed WebDriver can now return WebElements from
  * With WebElement.getAttribute() a boolean attribute will return
    "null" if not present on an element.
  * A NoSuchWindowException will be thrown if the currently selected
    window is closed and another command is sent.
  * SafariDriver improved: frame switching, snapshot taking and JS
    executing added.
  * SafariDriver: changed message protocol. The 2.22.0 SafariDriver will
    not be backwards compatible with Selenium 2.21.
  * FIXED: 185: Appending screenshots to remote exceptions is now
    optional. Controlled via the "webdriver.remote.quietExceptions"
  * FIXED: 1089: Style attributes are no longer lower-cased by default.
  * FIXED: 1934: Firefox cleans up temporary directories more effectively.
  * FIXED: 3647: WebElement.sendKeys now works in Firefox on XHTML pages.
  * FIXED: 3758: Maximize windows from inside a frame works as expected.
  * FIXED: 3825: Alerts from a nested iframe are now handled properly.


  * Fixing Firefox profile extraction if a grid node started from a
    network location (UNC path)

  * bot.actions.type now works as expected in Firefox 12.
  * Introduced better mouse and keyboard abstractions

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